All About the Different Kinds of Messenger Bags

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  • May 1, 2023

Originally developed for carrying postal letters, the messenger bag has earned its place as an important accessory for hands-free transportation of official documents. These professional-looking bags are usually constructed with tough materials like leather or canvas and are equipped with a padded shoulder strap to protect your shoulder from chafing and aches. These classy bags have come up in various styles to cater to the needs of businessmen and office workers. Even women use messenger bags that feature slings nowadays. So, here, we shall talk about these different categories of messenger bags that are in prominence in the fashion scene.

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  • Satchel Messenger Bags – Geared with two straps that are vertically attached to a flap that is suspended over the point of opening, these bags are smart and elegant. You can find them in any fabric or style with the vertical straps always present for closure purpose.
  • Briefcase Messenger Bags – This sort of bag is generally crafted with premium leather and features a frontal flap. The briefcase messenger bag consists of one or two straps fastened to buckles and few pockets on the frontier so that you can easily access small items without opening the big compartments.
  • Military-Style Messenger Bags – As the name implies, these bags are supposed to be hard-wearing. You will find these bags to be usually built with canvas and including leather features for functional purposes. These bags are found to display many pockets on both the interior and exterior sides and are commonly seen in earthy shades like brown, green, khaki, camouflage and grey.
  • Convertible Messenger Bags – Want to use your messenger bag as a travel companion? Then, these bags are roomy enough for both situations and are seen to consist of a shoulder strap along with backpack straps.
  • Saddle Messenger Bags – Though these bags are more like satchel bags, they differ from them due to the round flap that is present on the front portion and the equestrian design. You will mostly find these bags to be leather-made but canvas and polyester ones are also there.
  • Vertical Messenger Bags – Breaking the trend that messenger bags are supposed to be wider than higher, this specific genre of bags are found to be taller than broader. You can find them in elegant styles and colors and their material make is normally canvas or leather.
  • Large Messenger Bags with Multiple Pockets – Big messenger bags that are designed with a wide number of pockets is a preferred option for fishermen and hunters. New dads also love these bags as they can quickly access a wipe, toy, soothing item or other baby essentials from its pockets.
  • Camera Messenger Bags – More like an organizer bag with several pockets, these bags with inner pockets and padded lining are suitable to safely keep your camera. Whether it is a DSLR or SLR, you can place your camera in these bags without any friction between the lenses and camera components.

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