6 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Beautiful Handbags

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  • November 6, 2018

Cleaning handbags can be really intimidating, especially if it contains stubborn stains of lipstick, food or coffee. Your handbag has to endure a lot of scratches and blemishes as it travels with you through the busy streets and the bustling subways of the city. But with a few tips on how to take care of the bag, it can actually last you a long time. Definitely the quality plays a bigger role in this but with a genuine care you can ensure that the bag can accompany you for more than a couple of years. Retailers can get the best of the ladies bags from reputed handbag manufacturers USA in reasonable bulk needs.


  • You can freshen up your leather bags by using some heavily diluted baby soap on it and wiping the bag in the direction of the grain of the leather. You can even do some emergency spot cleaning of the stain by cleaning the area with a baby wipe.
  • Stains from greasy products like ink, make up or food are oil based hence is really hard to clean. In this case, you actually need the help of an expert treatment. To ensure that such mistakes don’t occur make use of a preventive measure by carrying all such products in a separate waterproof bag.
  • To touch up minor scratches, you can try shoe polish or even nail polish. This is a quick and an easy way to repair the bags. This works best especially for bags that are black or brown in color. But for more exotic colors you need to have your bag re-colored using special dyes.
  • To keep the zippers in proper condition and the steel and brass ware clean, try using beeswax over them. Wiping with it once a week will keep them shiny as well as it can last long for an elongated period of time.
  • Remember to keep your bag in a proper breathable cover or anywhere it gets proper air. It is important especially for bags that are made with animal flesh or fur. This helps in protecting the quality and also evades the growth of fungus or mildew smell.
  • Don’t let your bag rub against other bags or clothes in darker colors. This cause stain the bag especially it is of a lighter color. Try to have a separate cabinet or drawer only for keeping the bags and keep them color ordinate so that it doesn’t catch stray stains.

Preventive measures work best when it comes to taking care of accessories like bags. Ladies bags are available in many variants each requiring a specific care procedure. Retailers can order for exclusive bags from popular bags manufacturers and pamper their female customers.


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