6 Features Every Hikers Backpack Should Have

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  • February 28, 2023

Looking for a backpack to use for hiking? Then remember, you need to pay attention to certain details that is usually not necessary for a regular backpack. Keep reading to find out what are those demands your hiking backpack should preferably meet. If you are a business owner, keen on stocking up backpacks, do link with a prominent bag manufacturer, equally acknowledged as a luggage supplier. This will make it feasible for you to avail robust hiking and camping backpacks in current designs.

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  • Suitable Size

When it comes to hiking backpacks, it is extremely important that you ensure that your pack has the apt size to fit on your back properly. Are you in search of a shorter and broader backpack? Or, is it a longer and leaner backpack you prefer? Clearly, your backpack should not be so weighty that it causes you pain and spoils your trip. Considering the duration of your hike and the things you are planning to take for your outdoor journey, you should choose a backpack of the correct size to fulfil both carrying convenience and aesthetics. Avoid using a bag so huge that it exerts pressure on areas of your body that are not meant for supporting it.

  • Excellent Fit

The fitting of your backpack can either make your trip enjoyable or miserable. Look for a backpack geared with sturdy shoulder straps and a hip belt to lend you comfort, taking the load off your back and shoulders. Choose a backpack with all its main straps adjusted that fits snugly and reduces the stress on your back when it is packed with supplies for your hiking venture.

  • Top-Class Padding

Proper padding plays a pivotal role in determining if the backpacks weight will be comfortably bearable for your back region, shoulder joint and hips. Excess padding will exert tremendous pressure and even cause soreness while minimal padding will fail to safeguard your body from the strain of the weight, resulting in agonizing chafing or painful blisters. Opt for a solid backpack that has decent padding on its shoulder straps, back panel and hip belt strapping.

  • Ample Storage Space

Depending on the plan of your hike, the storage capacity of your pack will be crucial to ensure that you will be able to accommodate sufficient supplies for your hike. Go for a multi-pocketed backpack of small size ranging from 25 to 30 liters for hiking for a few hours or almost a day. Pick a medium-sized one of 40 to 50 liters with a hydration pack for a trip of 4 to 5 days. And select one of a large size for accommodating your backpacking essentials for many days. In all cases, verify that your pack is built with several pockets and compartments to store snacks, water, towels and other basic necessities.

  • Waterproof Material Crafting

Make sure that the hiking backpack you use is tailored with lightweight and water-resistant textile like nylon, rip stop polyester or dyneema composite fabric (DFC). Keep watch that the buckles of your pack have commendable structural strength to promise your security while traveling with it.

  • Seasonally-Appropriate Technical Requirements

Planning to go on a summer hike? Then, you should take with you a light backpack with ventilated back panels and an overall breathable construction to prevent your excess sweating under the sun. For winter hiking adventures, carry a larger backpack that is engineered to accommodate plenty of safety gear. Most importantly, you must own a waterproof backpack that is designed to withstand adverse weather elements, if you come across inclement climate.

As a retailer, interested to upgrade your outlets bag stock with hiking backpacks, you should urgently coordinate with a renowned supplier of wholesale hiking backpacks that score high in sturdiness and sustainability. Sourcing these strong backpacks from this bag manufacturer will motivate your adventure-enthusiast clients to carry these highly functional backpacks with them for their exciting hikes and treks!


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