5 Types of Clutches That Are Staying This Season in 2018

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  • July 20, 2018

Clutches have won matches for women over the years and it is no different this year. 2018 is another brand new year, like every other time, it brings together the best collection of wholesale clutches that can totally up your style game for the best. Some of these clutches are not from the mainstream, and might even feel a little alternative – but at the end of the day, they give you some serious style points. Now, let us take a look at the top 5 picks for this category this season. And just keep in mind, that all of them are not going to be your type, but there is no harm in trying something new. Take a look by the best bag manufacturer in USA –


The Leather Studded Clutch

It’s for the boss ladies out there, who like to carry their attitude in their hands. The metal studs are both decorative and say a lot about your style preferences, but the most alluring part for this clutch is its tremendous flexibility. Whether you pair it with casual denims, a black evening dress, or even a little black dress, this one is not going to let you down. The leather studded clutch is one of the most popular wholesale clutch bags in the market right now, and now you know why!

The Triangular Leather Clutch

This one is relatively a new kid on the clutch block but has been slaying it with its style. Available in a host of colors from red and maroon shades to the classic jet black, its triangle shape is unique and the zippered closing, convenient. Perfect for a girl’s night out, or an evening of casual lounging with friends, it can be paired with all kinds of night attires, whether sequined or classy. Add in a few cosmos to the other hand, and you have a night to remember – just do not forget your triangular leather clutch during the wild ride.

The Gold or Silver Sequined Rectangular Clutch with Metal Chain Shoulder Strap

With an almost tiring and specific name, no one can go wrong with this classy clutch and there is good reason for it. Although it is considered strictly a night owl’s choice of purses, this one is anything but boring. The boxy hard exterior makes it a good place to keep your small belongings and the metal chain shoulder strap is an absolute knocker with your little black dress. Just add in a bit of classy heels for attitude and avoid the gettable ‘woo girl’ look – rather take a less trodden style path and rain attitude on lesser folk with the elegance of a lady. You know exactly what we are talking about!

The Tan Clutch Bag

Whether it be the velvet or leather exterior, the tan clutch bag is absolute Rock star of the purse world. Predominantly an infallible day wear clutch, this one is slim, dependable, elegant, lady like, and every other adjective you would find in a Victorian era elite’s personal notebook. Pair it up with some classy dresses for the day and rock brunch on Sunday’s with your beloved other, and you are going to be the subject of envy for both men and women at the restaurant. Take your step very carefully, because the tan clutch bag is a maker or a breaker, and if you get it wrong, you could be in big trouble. The solution? Trust brands who associate themselves with the best private label handbags manufacturers!

The Wacky Street Style Purse

Don’t mistake this as the affordable one of the lot, because to be fair, it is not! This wacky clutch comes with some graffiti style prints and quirky taglines on it, that make it the perfect choice for women who like a little bit of dynamism in their personality! It comes in leather or other premium material, and definitely packs quite the punch when it comes to an enviable sense of style. At the end of the day, you have to keep in mind, that the wacky street style clutch is a bold move, and you must have the heart and style to pull it off!

These are our top 5 picks when it comes to clutches that are trending hot this 2018. If you feel that any of the above have hit the right chord with your sense of style, then don’t wait. Get one for yourself right now!


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