5 Spring Trends for Bags That You Need To Know Of

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  • February 17, 2018

As we slowly move into longer days, it is time to update the wardrobe with the latest trends. When it comes to bags, the options are varied. If you are not aware of the latest spring trends for bags, then it is time to know about them. Keep reading to find out more them as they have been summarized here.

Bags with fringes

Most bags this spring will be covered in thick fringes. They might not look like a comfortable bag, but the result is chic nonetheless. If you want to break away from your mundane collection and opt for something crazy, a fringe bag is all you need. Also, go for bright colors and symmetrical designs to give the bags an unusual but sleek ornate finish. You can design private label bags with fringes to kick-start the trend.

Bags with tassels

Once you move from the fringes, you get tassels. They are a fun element to add to the bag and the best part is, they can be made from spare leather. A tassel immediately adds interest to the overall design of the bags. From totes to satchels, you can opt for any design of the bag, but with a tassel hanging from it, the appeal will be amplified. Go for metallic textures for that extra dash of charm and embellishments.

Bucket bags

There is an immense advantage to bucket bags. They not only look cool, but you can carry them almost anywhere and everywhere. Bucket bags are feminine, sophisticated and are practical (the bigger ones are great to be carried for errands). Pick them in any color or print, texture or pattern, the result is always stunning. If you want something more professional, opt for a bucket bag that comes with bigger straps and is made of leather.

Big logos

Given that the 70s have already made a comeback in the fashion circuit, you couldn’t probably think of skipping the big logo trend from the era. Bags with exceptionally large logos that would explode any moment are on trend right now. In use by the likes of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, you have to have these nostalgic bags in your collection. Opt for subtle shades to allow the logo to stand out.

Solid in tan and pastels

Handbags that come in solid colors look sleek and appealing. And this spring, it will be a major trend with most celebrities adopting it. However, rather than opting for bright pops, go for tan and pastels because they are having a moment right about now. Everyone will be craving these perfect color bags come March. So add them to your collection already to make the required statement.

So this spring, make a statement with the top bag trends in the fashion industry. Reputed wholesale bags manufacturer is here with the latest versions displayed in their vast catalog. Interested retailers can make a bulk purchase at discounted prices upon registration.


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