5 Rocking Handbag Trend for Spring 2016

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  • April 19, 2016

Just wearing the best looking dress, blouse or trendy leather pants, is not enough! It is 2016 and it is about the whole package. The importance of accessories has skyrocketed in importance. So, fashionistas ought to pay equal attention to the clothes they are wearing, the jewelry, shoes as well as bags. Say you are wearing this classic LBD with a really simple yet elegant and stand-out-ish silver pendant and earrings, killer looking stilettos but carrying this drab, and so not-up-to-the-mark handbag – the entire ensemble is a flop! To stop fashion lovers from making such carnal mistake, here is a list of some of the hottest handbags this season.

A Lot of Fringes…Yes, Not Reserved for the Dresses!


We have all seen the use of fringes in dresses, right? But this spring season, fringes become a whole lot fun and exciting. Designers are incorporating them in oasis handbag in really vibrant and popping colors. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that you can find these bags featuring bright tassels to smooth suede hues, and in other aggressive and subtle options. The varied options are so festive that even if you are not in the mood to celebrate, they would probably tempt you to!

Graphic Print is Ruling This Season

The graphic print fever has made its way to handbags after successfully creating a great furor in the t-shirt designing industry. And we do not hear anybody complaining! One can find from abstract to floral and gothic and everything in between. It allows one’s imagination to completely run wild!

Animal-shaped Handbags

This season, fashionistas can hope to have a ball and a lot of fun carrying around a pet-shaped handbag. Designers have unanimously decided that these bags are a hoot and have made appearances on runways! It is a really creative and funny idea and allows one to actually have the feeling of carrying a pet around.

Silver is Big in 2016

Metallic dresses to metallic shoes, did you really think that bags would be left behind? The shimmering silver handbags has this futuristic appeal to it though yes, when it comes to bags it is a little bit toned down because nobody would want the bags to grab all the eyeballs, right? These handbags come in various sizes and shapes and they are just too glam to resist.

 Mini Handbags

It is often said that great things come in small packages and we couldn’t agree more. These mini handbags in vivacious colors, exciting prints and designs with intricate detailing are just what a fashion lover needs to carry to a party and stand out from the crowd.

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