4 Ways To Carry A Purse And What Characteristics It Reveals About You

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  • January 9, 2018

There are different ways in which you carry your bag daily- you throw it over your shoulder very casually or just slip it inside of your hands. Whatever way it is, body language experts have associated different characteristics traits with the way you carry your bag. Though it may seem to you like a totally random thing to base your traits on, take a look at the following and judge the accuracy for yourself.

1.Hand-held small purses

This is the most common way of carrying a small purse or clutch when going for an evening party. It shows that they are career-oriented women who give a lot of importance to the job that they have. But when going to a party, they are all in for it and will enjoy themselves. It also complements their clothes. Loads of bling clutches are available with the best wholesale bags manufacturer from USA that serve the purpose well.

2.Small bags on the elbow

Women who love to carry small bags are keen in showing off their status and position. It is the ideal position to show off their bags that help them make a strong fashion statement of how conscious they are about their appearance. They usually go for subtle choices which also add much to their attire.

3.Clutches swung on the shoulder close to the body

Pragmatic and practical are the characteristics traits that get reflected in this way of carrying the purse. It also shows the woman prioritizing her freedom of movement than anything else. For this particular look, women prefer to carry smaller clutches that can fit only the basic necessities. You can get the best clutches in a variety of shades and textures from the best wholesale designer purses China-based.

4.Clutches swung around the shoulder casually

This particular way of carrying a clutch or a purse is extremely common and preferred by many women. It is most identified with women who are free-spirited and don’t want to be slowed down by the bag. The size can vary and so can the design, but the main focus here remains on easy movement and just carrying the basics.

All of them sound relatable right? Well, you carry your bag unconsciously and hence, experts can identify it with certain character traits that are sowed deep inside you. These stylish ways of carrying the purse add to your overall appeal. Whether you want something subtle or something that shines out, cheap ladies purses from China and USA wholesale manufacturers have all kinds of designs and textures displayed in their inventory. Retailers who want to make a purchase of the same can register with the manufacturers online. Special offers are available for bulk buyers.


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