4 Types Of Bags Every Woman Must Own

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  • May 4, 2018

Okay, before the article starts, one honest question, how many bags do you own? Come on, be honest! 5 or 6 or more than a dozen? No matter how many you have, it never hurts to have two more bags. But having 10 of the same kind is of no good either. You should have variety; you should have bags that are dedicated for use on different occasions. Here is thus a list of four types of bags that every woman should own.

The leather satchel bag

When it comes to a bag workhorse, a satchel takes the cake. It is that necessary accessory that you can’t do without. A satchel is designed to hold almost anything and everything. With a medium top handle to hold the bag, they look smart and conventional (hence being the right pick for formal occasions). Leather should be the choice of material due to their textured and polished finish. Opt for neutral colors like black, dark beige, dark brown to give it a cleaner appeal. Steer clear of lighter colors and too many handles for they look outdated.

The cross-body bag

Offering you great freedom of movement, without weighing you down, a cross-body is a stylish replacement for any bag. It has enough space to fit your belongings but doesn’t feel like a baggage (no pun intended) at all. The chic versions with all their glitz and bling can be adjusted accordingly, thanks to their sturdy straps. Whether you want a flipper version or want to stick to the zipped ones, it is your choice, but get a medium size functional cross-body bag in some bright color and walk around without facing any problem. Renowned bag supplier has it all in the catalog.

The clutch

Now before we start discussing clutches, there are a few things you have to be mindful of. First, they come in two types- morning clutch and evening clutch. Second, they are more functional that you can ever conjure. While a daytime clutch is neater and tailored in its appeal, the evening version stands out with its ability to complement special occasions. The morning clutches can be used as an alternative for wallets due to their nifty designs and multiple slots to carry cash and cards. The evening clutch is more for the show, but it too has enough space to carry just about the little things you need. A reputed manufacturer of wholesale ladies bags has an inventory which displays clutches in a plethora of vibrant colors.

The tote bag

A tote is called useful for quite a few reasons- it is a big bag that can fit all your belongings, it is polished and it looks professional. You can hurl your things in some big basket, but can’t possibly carry it around. Hence, the tote comes to play a role. Ideal for daily use, a tote bag is very natural in its appeal. You can opt for a sturdy material if you carry heavy things regularly, but simple cloth materials like jute are also used for that “close to nature” feeling. Tote bags come in a wide range of shades that include subtle undertones and vibrant hues, and quirky patterns and slogans as well. With this type of bag, the possibility of art becomes varied.

So do you own all of these bags? If not, it is time to seriously update your collection. Each of these has a special purpose and serves you well when used. Manufacturers ensure to use good quality materials for durability and bright colors for style. Retailers can buy wholesale bags from the manufacturers by simply registering with them online. Special offers are available for bulk buyers.


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