4 Types Of Bags That Aren’t Travel Rucksacks But No Less Important

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  • February 23, 2018

In a world crawling with wanderlust stricken folks starting their travel blogs, the rucksack has climbed upwards to become the Elvis Presley of bags; in a way.

However, as romantic as the idea of it maybe, we feel that it is stealing some of the well-deserved limelight from other breeds that are no less important.

To give these underdogs their share of attention, we bring you for completely unique bag types available with any private label bag manufacturer that play quite a role of importance in our daily lives, but aren’t featured in blogs as much!

Here’s a look at the count –

Diaper Bags

If you ever want to know the importance of a diaper bag and how much it helps, ask any new mommy or daddy. These bags make compartmentalizing diapers, petroleum jelly or moisturizers, and wet wipes very easy.
All one needs to do is dive their hands into one of the colorful pouches and Voila! It’s that easy – and available in a variety of hues and shades too.

Duffle Bags

Do you know what else is a worldwide trend other than travelling? – Fitness. And yet, somehow, all of the fitness limelight is being hogged by athleisure clothes, fitness models, transformations, and protein shakes.
No one so much as mentions every gym goer’s partner – the duffle bag.

Spacious, easy to carry, and laborious, it holds everything from your water bottle, protein shake, spare t-shirt, supplement cartons, and much more. Finally, we really hope people acknowledge our friend, Mr. Duffle, where credit is due!

Tote Bags

Some just call it large ladies bags; which we think is totally inappropriate. These bags are what ladies are using all day, helping them carry everything from their day’s make-up and stole to lunch boxes.

Yet, what are people talking about?

Right. Ladies’ purses and how celebs accessorize them with their red carpet dresses. Anyway, we tried our fair bit to give it some justice – that is if it really exists!

Shopping Bags

Women are always talking about how they love shopping. However, very few ever realize that even when their girlfriends or partners aren’t accompanying them, something always is. Their shopping bag.

It’s loyal to the t, but its unfashionable and often bloated demeanor doesn’t particularly make it a fashion item. Nevertheless, we thought it deserved a mention in this list of hardworking bags that no one is ever talking about it!

If you want to pick any of them up, you could check out retailers who stock these from the best wholesale bag manufacturer. They will as always, serve your purpose in silence!


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