4 Handbag Types To Try This Season Without Any Question!

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  • August 2, 2018

For women, its always handbag season – and yet, one has to always make sure that their sense of style is reflected in their handbags. If you have a fetish for these apparels, you very well know what kind a role these items play on your overall sense of fashion, and this blog wants to make sure you take the right choices this summer!

After scuffling around with some of the best options we could find, these are our top 4 picks for handbags this season. Let’s take a look –

1.The Basket Bag

The basket bag is a good summer option and is organic too – since it is made of natural materials, however synthetic ones are also available. They mostly come in natural cane color and are a good option to hold your on the go makeup kit. Go for the rectangular box shape and you will have a far better experience. These bags are really cost effective too and plenty of top handbag manufacturers USA have it on their catalog list.

1.The Hoop Handle Handbag

If you like hoops and little handbags, then this one is a must have for you. The hoop handle isn’t one that will help you carry a lot, in fact most of the variants come in very small sizes. However, it looks good and the round handles set the bohemian style in motion, making it one of the coveted little purse handbags by women all over the world. If you decide on buying this one, the hoop handle hand bag might just be good enough for a couple of makeup items and that is all the space you will get – but style is of the essence, isn’t it?

2.The Net Handbag

The net handbag is another one on the list of top summer bags that stays away from all the animal leather that people are so disgusted of. So, if you are environmentalist at heart, then the net handbag is definitely your go to choice. Mostly made of cloth and available in nude and neutral colors, these bags can look quite classy when paired with the right kind of dresses. In fact, if you like day wear hand bags, then the net handbag is something you should consider.

3.The Beaded Bag

Looking to achieve the perfect retro look this summer season? Then put on those palazzos and start with a beaded bag in a vibrant color and you will set forward in the right direction. The beaded bag has been a big hit in the past and this summer 2018, it is back and how. Not just that, it allows a lot of options too – be it beaded patterns, stripes, shapes, or other designs – you can pair with polka dots, cat eyed sunglasses, and a fluorescent hair band to make a solid impact.

These are our top picks for hand bags this season and any or all of them could set your style standards pretty high. Just get online and take a look at all of the variants available – or you can hit the latest bag retail shops and get your top pick!


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