3 Big Mistakes Bulk Buyers Make When Purchasing Backpacks Wholesale

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  • April 1, 2016

Today the top manufacturers are offering many high quality, stylish and custom varieties of wholesale backpacks. This allows the small business esto sufficiently meet the needs and demands of the final consumers. But even with this opportunity, many bulk buyers make some rather rookie mistakes when purchasing their wholesale that eventually prevents them to effectively capitalize on this booming niche.
Here are three of the biggest mistakes that you might be making when buying your wholesale backpacks.

Not considering the specific needs of different gender

Unsurprisingly, women and men have different needs and preferences; and ‘gender neutral varieties’ is the term that doesn’t fit well in this niche.

There are many small businesses who offer women the backpacks that are made for men. Some of them don’t even see the difference between gender specific varieties, while there are those who simply overlook the preferences of women.

You must stock the types and varieties that specifically matches the needs and preferences of female and male consumers. There are top bag manufacturers and suppliers who offer a vast range of gender appropriate varieties.

Indifference to the pack capacity

There are many consumer bases in this niche and their capacity needs are different. Not everyone buy these backpacks to carry their books. Some have to store and carry heavier items (backpackers) while others have light and casual purpose to fill(students).

Small businesses absurdly believes that everyone needs the same capacity backpacks; or at least that’s the idea one gets upon looking at their collection. This is not the case. There comes backpacks with different storing capacity. Know you customers’ demands and purchase the most appropriate one.

Not considering the small details

Small details are the true essence of backpacks. But unfortunately small businesses overlook these details; at most they are considerate of the colors and designs- that’s it. But in reality there are string of small things that bulk buyers must be thoughtful of when purchasing their wholesale backpacks.

The backpack frame type, construction, type of materials (and quality), waterproofing properties, ventilation, pockets, compartments (types and quantity), paddings, and straps- these are the things that end customers are very perceptive of and so should the bulk buyers; after all it is these small details that make or break the deal for the backpacks.

These are the three mistakes small businesses often make when buying their bulk of backpacks. If you are one those businesses, change today!


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