3 Tips to Buy Sleeping Bags for Kids

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  • June 23, 2016

Camping trips, slumber parties or stay over, everything needs sleeping bags. When parents take their kids out on an outdoor or camping trip, good sleeping bags are essential must-haves. If you have set up a clothing and accessory store, it would be a profitable idea for you to also keep sleeping bags in your stock to offer to eager parents. Read and get 3 important tips on how to choose and buy the best bags of these types from wholesale sleeping bags suppliers.

Check the size

It is essential to choose bags in the right sizes. Slumber bags are what you should get for kids who are teens or toddlers. As a child grows in height, he or she will need more space for keeping blankets and additional clothing for the cold months. It is important to buy bags of right sizes, as the present one might get too small for kids otherwise. Ideally, sleeping bags should neither be too tight nor too loose in size in order to allow maximum amount of comfort to the kids.

Consider the designs

While choosing for kids, the designs of sleeping bags are other important factors to consider. You can find sleeping bags coming in plenty of varied designs, such as:

• Harry Potter characters

• Pop bands

• Popular celebrities

• Dinosaurs

• Cowboys

• Fairies and angels

• Ladybugs

• Reptiles

• Butterflies

• Animal figures

• Cartoon characters like Barbie

• Superhero figures like Hulk

• Stars and other heavenly objects

There are also many varied shapes that you can find, such as space shuttles, footballs, teddy bears or gloves. You can also find bags that come with or without zippers from bags manufacturer. Some parents also like to get sleeping bags printed and personalized with the name of their children.

Temperature Rating

A slumber bag is the best option for children who would like to use the bag in warm temperatures or in the indoor environment. A sleeping with temperature ratings, which adjust to fall and winter seasons, is necessary if a child would like to use it outdoors or while camping. However, a temperature rated can be too warm for summer months. Nonetheless, you should keep both temperature rated and non-rated bags in your stock. The main thing to look for is safety and comfort, as well as enough space, in the sleeping bags that you buy for kids.


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