3 New Additions That Are Making Ground In The Latest Backpacks!

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  • May 31, 2019

Backpacks are probably the most bought bags on the catalog of any top bag manufacturer and for good reason. This accessory has found its use in many spheres of life, be it corporate, office, travel, academics, or just plain style.

In this blog, we are going to look into 3 of the latest improvements that backpack wholesale suppliers are adding to their products to make sure they sell better and serve their purpose. Want to find out what these are before you add it to your retail collection?

Let’s take a look now and find out:

The insulated pocket

The temperature insulated pocket is the latest addition to backpacks and allows users to keep their collection warm and cold, whatever it was initially. It serves as a money saver as users do not have to buy a thermos flask to get the job done.

Also, since flasks are quite heavy, backpackers can save a lot of weight on their shoulders and travel in a more carefree manner.

The foldable rack system

Things are getting pretty easy for people who travel with a backpack and manufacturers are ensuring that pretty well. The latest exhibit?

The foldable rack system – it is basically a cloth made shelf that folds itself neatly into the backpack and can be pulled out easily to hang somewhere on a hook and put your clothes in without much trouble.

Fold your clothes in neatly, take it down from your hanger and put it back into your with ease. And you thought your backpack could not have gotten any more functional!

The dedicated shoe compartment

Fitting shoes into a backpack has always been a rather hard thing to do – because there was no way to keep the other things clean if you had to do it. A little change came with the shoe pouch, but still the problems of keeping your other things with travel boots persisted.

However, with the dedicated shoe compartment that bag manufacturers USA have added to the latest backpacks, things have become drastically different. Now, you do not have to worry about even getting a shoe pouch – the dedicated compartment does all of it for you.

And your backpacks now have a lot more space than they did previously.

These are the 3 things that are being implemented in the latest backpacks and there are a lot more happening in the process. So, don’t just stick to your manufacturer if nothing new is coming by!

Get in touch with someone who brings these sorts of design innovations today and order in bulk – also, do not forget to customize!


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