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We Have Helped Dozens of Brands To Build Their Own Private Label Bags!

If You Can Imagine It, We Can Design It and Then Make It

We Offer Product Sampling and Private Label Bags Options, Also!

Bags are an essential part of our utility and accessory wardrobes and hold an important place in the fashion industry as well. However, private label business owners are often faced with a lot of pressure as their end customers want new and better collections every now and then.

This is where we at Oasis Bags come in. As a trusted manufacturer of different variations of top-quality bags, we are known to be a businessman’s delight because of our new age design inspiration. With Oasis Bags, you get your private label bulk orders lined with the very hottest of fashion trends – whether it be New York, Paris, London, Milan, or Tokyo. We like to stay relevant, happening, exciting, smooth, and refreshing – and that is what you get when you order from us.

We have the best of private label handbags

If women could custom make a paradise, then private label handbags with latest designs, materials, and colors would make it to the top 3 list. Women consider hand bags integral part of any formal dressing and at Oasis Bags we understand that.

This is why we have a large variety – from clutches to boat shaped handbags, half-moon shapes, and many other designs. Each of our products are made by the best designers to ensure that there is total sync with the latest trends. Once you have our private label hand bags in your store, your customers are going to go gaga over your new collection, and your sales figure will show that clearly.

Oasis Bags is an Italian handbag manufacturers private label company

Italian handbags have always been a choice of passion for private label lovers, and we are proud to give you the best deals you shall find. Once you bulk order our Italian private label handbag collection, your store will become one of the top in any fashion street. All our bags are made from the finest material and imbibed with the best designs from Italy to give your customers a collection of accessories that is previously undreamt of.

Everything from colors and designs are totally adapted from the fashion sentiments and consciousness of Milan and it will help you to stand out. In fact, if you want, you can always share your private label design ideas with them to get the best customizations.

Get our private label duffle bag collection

Have frequent gym enthusiast visits in your bag store? Then you need a premium collection of private label duffel bags and who better to get it from than Oasis Bags. We have been manufacturing quality bags for ages now and each of our products look sporty, come with a lot of space, and are extremely durable.

In fact, if you are willing to get creative, you can also share your design ideas with us and we shall try to implement it in a stunning way on your bulk orders. Duffel bags are not just used for workouts and the gym, but can also come to good use for short trips and weekend travel. Therefore, we have duffel bag designs and prints that are less on the sporty side and give a worldlier vibe for your customer’s travelling necessities. Whatever the need might be, with Oasis Bags, you can get both and at affordable prices, too!

Find the best private label shoe bag with Oasis Bags

Wherever people travel, carrying their favorite pairs of footwear has always been a problem. Many of your customer’s might have had to do with only two pairs of shoes during their visit abroad or on some vacation. But finally, with the help of Oasis Bags, you can be their messiah. We have the best collection of private label shoe bags that are compact, durable, and let your customers carry their footwear effectively.

We have various designs, different types of compartments, and numerous numbers of colors and designs. From single shoe compartments to ones that can work with multiple shoes, the options are unprecedented, and you can pick from these. Also, at Oasis Bags, getting creative is appreciated and you can pitch in your private label ideas with us at any time.

Try our private label sneaker bags now

Often private label business owners think that sneakers and shoe bags are the same, but clearly it is not. At Oasis Bags, we know the difference – sneaker bags are bigger than shoes – and a little more padded than the regular ones.

We have a sporty collection of sneaker bags at Oasis Bags and you can get it for your sneakerhead customers that come to your store. In fact, drop in some of your ideas with our designers and you can see them on your bulk orders once they arrive – how exciting is that going to be?

Oasis Bags is the best Private label handbag manufacturers

When it comes to the best private label handbags in the United States, Oasis Bags is definitely the forerunner in the business. We have everything from colors and design, to fashion and panache, and we believe your shop can really do a lot better. Just brief us in detail about your custom requirements and our bag design team will be happy to cater to your business needs in the most proficient way, possible.

Once you get your top-notch collection of wholesale bags from us – your experience is likely to skyrocket. Not just as a manufacturer, but also as a wholesaler, Oasis Bags is truly the leader in its business. So, what are you still waiting for? Drop in your query or orders now!


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